Consultancy & Procurement

Alpha Associates provides a complete tailored package to assist in your Overseas purchasing and logistics to ensure the price is right and deadlines are met. Through our network of agents worldwide we can offer you an in-sight into different countries business cultures and ways, these are often very different to U.K. company practices.


  • Supply Chain Management Full Visibility and Transparency of products and information
  • Training in “In House” Expertise of Global Freight Management
  • Establishing Fewer and Higher Performing Carriers
  • Ensuring your Freight Forwarder always puts your interests first
  • Offering a total Tailored Freight Solution to suit each Individual Clients Requirments


Over 50% of the total production cost for a manufacturing company is spent on buying goods and services. In many instances a more structured approach to procurement will yield cost savings of upto 40%. We can deliver significant bottom line savings to our clients.

Effective procurement is about best value. It's not the lowest price or the highest quality, but a balanced trade-off. We can develop the strategy and plan to achieve optimum benefit.

The management of raw material, production and finished product inventories requires commercial, planning and financial skills to maintain cost effective control relevant to the industry.

By linking planning, procurement and inventory management to the commercial goals of an organisation we have create a competitive advantage through channelling effort on profitably.

  • Driving the procurement process, through a full understanding of acquisition and opportunity costs, to grow the bottom line
  • Managing performance through measurement and cost effective action to create added value
  • Managing suppliers to strengthen the supply chain through greater understanding of requirements and capabilities
  • Practical plans and implementation to manage inventories to become a benefit rather than a burden
  • Understanding the balance of reducing inventory costs and missing sales opportunities
  • A total view of make/buy and make to stock/make to order decisions